Stepper/Soleniod/Linear actuator ??

Hello all,
Ima working on a small automation project ,where i need to move a flat plate along a particular axis(no ball screw,it just slides over a cross section).my travel is around 30-50mm.
i want it as simple as possible.
i can do this using small ball screw and a stepper.but i don't want to do any mechanical modification and the travel has to be limited by limits.
second i can use a linear solenoid.but it moves so fast that it disturbs my job.but no need of limits.
3rd i can use linear actuator,but same problem as using a stepper motor and ball screw.
so all i wanted to know is,is there some thing like slow moving solenoid?is it possible?
i don't need any feedback.the plate has to just travel 50mm back and forward.
some ideas from u guys will be appreciated.

If you simply want to move a fixed distance, full travel, back and forth, why not a pneumatic cylinder? Unless you need higher accuracy, the maybe consider a servobelt?"]

sounds like you might want to use a pnuematic cylinder. if thespeed isto fast you can restrict the air which will slow the cylinder down. if you need a very smooth travel you can connect a speed control which is a cylinder with hydrualic fluid inside. these are very easy to use.

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