Problem Takisawa

I work on all my own machines but this ones killing me. I have a Takisawa V1e that won't complete the tool change cycle. The z axis goes up and carousel changes to the right tool but won't come back down to complete cycle. If I tell it M6T1 it goes up and rotates to tool#1 then stops before it comes down to complete the cycle.If I hit reset then M6T1 again it will complete the cycle perfect. It only completes the cycle on tool #1 if it's the carousel is on tool#1 already. I've checked to see if it's counting on the parameter page and everything I see is working right except for completing a tool change after M86 command. Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks Mike

It's a good thing that the machine reports back the position of the ATC in the diagnostics window. That means the hardware, the encoders and limit switches are working. I think you should take a look at the ATC routine itself. Maybe it has been modified to get this kind of behavior on purpose, who knows. The ATC subprogram is usually located in the higher order "protected"program numbers (eg 8001 or 9001). The code may be quite cryptic. Mine looks more like Basic programming language. Post it here. Maybe we can help.

The Takisawa M6 is running the O9001 "sub" I have and V1E and a simple test is to run and M99 P9001 to test the sub. If the problem is the same list the content of your P9001 and I compare it with mine.

-i have this machine, because of battery all parameters and programmes were washed, now all axis are moving and zero return also taking place.
but tool change not taking place may be because 9001 sub is not there ,can i get this sub please .

i found your post a i have got simillar problem. have you solve it already? (i hope so).My program worrking well till M86 command after that stops. don t even know what M86 mean. please help me

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