Price check / first impressions / advice wanted / Cadillac lathe

Considering this machine as an addition to my shop, first impressions, previous experience or any other helpful advice is welcome.
Wanted to bounce it off of you guys before I even make contact.
14" x 40" Cadillac Geared Head Engine Lathe Model 1440

Cadalillac is a nice lathe it is a copy of the wacheon which is a copy of the mori seiki. That is a fair price not a good deal, They are made in Tiawan I have worked on a bunch of them, not as nice as the Korean wacheon but not a bad lathe. I would try and talk them down a grand but in the end it is a fair price and if you need a lathe you could do much worse.

Are they calling this 14" over bed or over carriage? Looks big in the pictures.

I have the same's an excellent lathe. I paid about $3200 for mine with a bunch of tooling 3 or 4 years ago. Most parts are still available through WEBB.
14" over bed

Looks to have a "A" style spindle ,not the handest thing if you change chucks a lot. Otherwise looks to be a decent machine.

A1-5 spindle on a lot of them. Usually a 2 speed 5HP motor. A pretty nice machine. If it is in nice shape the price is still a little high. I am with kpotter in that 4K would be more reasonable. I have a few pages scanned from the sales brochure if you want is (send me your e-mail address).

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