Nicco 8x24 grinder opinions wanted

I'm looking at buying a 1966 Nicco 8x24 grinder. As I don't currently have a grinder and never have I have nothing to compare it to. It's a hydraulic drive and "appears" to be in good shape other than a rusted out coolant tank. Does anyone know if these grinders are any better or worse than others? Don't really have a need for it right now but you never know...
Also does anyone have any advice on moving one? I don't know if they have the manual for it but I'm guessing there is a procedure in there somewhere...

The rusted out tank kinda sets off an alarm. I've seen tanks 40 years old that were as good as new. If they scrimped on coolant, what other operation and maintenance shortcuts were taken? Look closely. As far as moving it you MUST determine if it is a ball way machine. If so the table should be raised and the balls removed for the trip. Otherwise the balls will brinel the ways and leave tiny dents which will show up in the work. In any case the table should be immobilized. Like all machine tools it will be top heavy.

You're right and not knowing anything about grinders makes it tough for me to properly inspect it. He did grind a sample part but it was small, maybe 3x4 and was within 2 or 3 tenths. They have another one identical to it they're keeping. It will only be a hobby machine and for less than $1800 maybe it's worth it. They also have an old K&T 2D, really cool machine. Might have to pass on both though...

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