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Hey guys, just making an introduction. I started machining in a machine shop course at my high school. I did that and graduated with a diploma in Machine Technology. While in there I was in CO OP which is when I would leave school and go to work instead of going to machine shop class. I got a job for CO OP at an aerospace seal manufacturing company in RI. This is where I really learned how to machine. I started in the tool room making small order parts, fixtures, various tooling, etc. I learned a lot and really got good on an engine lathe, often machining parts to .0002" tolerance. After I graduated high school I stayed with the same company and put myself through various machining courses (mainly for CNC) in college. I made it through that and finally landed a position as the only CNC miller at my company. I was able to setup, program by hand, and operate the mill and all the lathes (except Mazak). Then, I learned how to use CamWorks and got a lot of experience will the mill programming on there. I have little experience with the turning feature on CamWorks but with time I'd be able to figure it out. Which brings me to where I am today. I'm still at the same company and have been here for 5 years. I'm 22 years old now and still have a lot to learn about the trade which is 90% of the reason why I joined this forum. I'm looking forward to discussing machining and metalworking on here with everyone and absorbing all the tips and knowledge you guys have to give.

Welcome to the group!
Sounds like you already have a good start to your career. Have fun!

welcome, this forum is a great resource.

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