Newbie Looking for "good" 3D probe recommendations

I'm looking for a recommendation for a "GOOD" 3D probe for around $150 to $200.

I just destroyed the one that came with my Sieg X3, after going through two new probe tips. All because it would not reliably trigger. I'm pretty sure it was the probe and not Mach3. Probing is something I've never had problems with in Mach3 with passive touch plates. Just this silly 3D probe.
It could be that this particular 3D probe (a Wildhorse Innovation probe or clone) could be a fault. It was used when I got it, and it does show quite a bit of wear. The pivot point looks like it was glued together after a previous mishap and one set of ball bearings look like they were repositioned at one point.
I just want a automated reliable 3D probe that takes some of the user error out of the equation.


If you are just going to use it for 3D probing, and don't need the runout to be adjustable, a few mods to the wildhorse probe makes it very reliable.
Take the circuit board and the 3 set screws out, glue the board straight to the aluminum body with decent CA or epoxy, replace the pins in the delrin center bracket with carbide(score old 1/8" shank bits with a diamond wheel on a dremel and snap them off to length) get some DE-oxit contact cleaner/lube and clean the contacts, leaving a little behind.
I have around 6 million points scanned on mine now without any false triggers.
I also got rid of the led light and wired the contacts directly.
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I was able to resurrect the probe. I still need to buy more replacement probe tips. Wildhorse Innovations' website has been down all weekend. I hope it's not something more permanent than some weekend maintenance.
I swapped out the delrin pivot piece. My probe must be an older model. When I close up the probe the pivot jams up against the spring hard and won't move. That's how I lost my last probe tip. I faced off more than half of end of pivot in the lathe and it's working fine now. I still need a (or dozen) probe tip. I think I'd like to try a lighter spring.
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