New Surface Grinder Day

I picked up an old Reid 6x18 surface grinder with about 40 wheels on Craigslist recently. Spindle motor works and has been recently rewired. Everything moves fairly well now that I've pulled it all apart and cleaned everything but it still needs a little work.
It came with a mag chuck but all the wiring is a birds nest. I'm wondering if you guys would recommend completely rewiring the mag chuck or buying a new one (non electric) to replace it. Is there much difference in holding power between those that are electric or non electric? Majority of what I'll be doing with it is just general surface grinding and spinning down endmills/etc. Nothing major. I would like to stay away from the Chinese ones but I don't think a US made mag chuck is in my budget right now. Mainly just want something that works.
Any reason why I shouldn't regrind the table itself? Its a bit dinged up. Nothing a stone didn't take down but a nice fresh surface would be nice.
As far as lubing the ways, would typical way lube (from my mill) work for it or is there a recommended alternative?
I'll also need a dresser for the wheels. Any specific models/sizes/etc recommended? (depending on wheels?)
I used to do most of the grinding at my old aerospace shop so I am familiar with the machines and their operation however everything was supplied by the shop so I had no part in buying the wheels, dressers, etc. Its been about six years since I've even touched a SG so any help, advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
I'll get some photos up within the next day or so.

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