Need a Manufacturer


Just had another set of metal letters slide across my desk and my current manufacturer is backed up. Just wondering if anyone here wants to take a stab at it.
Anyone have a settup that can cut .5 - 1" brass/aluminum? Some of the sizes in this particular job are large - theirs an 8ft x 3ft and a couple 3ft x 4ft's. Total count 30-50 letters.
I can have the stock dropped to door precut to rough size, and picked up once crated. If your close enough to NC I can send a helper or two as well.
They are looking for a gold/chrome like finish. I get a couple of these jobs every month without soliciting the businesses, so I can throw as much of this your way as you want.

Ah! ty CNCadmin - didnt see this thread section.

I added it, under your nose .

Can it be burned or does it need straight edges?

I can run a photo example by the customer if you have one. They are getting installed via scissor lift about 40' up the side of the building.
As they say in the sign business - you look at them, you don't smell them.

I'm new to discussion formats so forgive any gaffs. I can have this water jet cut but I don't understand your finish requirements and my not be able to help with finish anyway. Freight costs may also be a factor seeing as I'm near Pittsburgh. Phone # here is 412-826-1785.

Did you find anyone to do the work ?
We are in Canada (Ottawa) and if freight to and from here is not a problem, we would like to see the e-files for cut.
We run 5'x10'machines and aluminum & brass is within our spec.
Please e-mail me at:
[email protected]

nibble cut is slow may keep the lights on????

Ty to all for the replys to this thread. The customer closed on this job using 3/4" bevel cut PVC sheet. I am always looking for new sources for out sourcing metal routing, plastic lasering and other misc. items to add to our product line - drop a line anytime.

I am Jason and own 3G Concepts LLC. I am looking for lathe work and mill work. I am located in warsaw IN. We are willing to do prototype work or production runs as well. If you have any interest in having us quote any jobs for you call 1-574-267-6100.

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