Need Help! Y-Axis Losing Zero

Hello everyone! I need help with something weird that my CNC mill is doing. Whenever it's cutting a part, the y-axis will suddenly decided to jump full speed (higher than the feed rate in the g-code) and attain an offset of up to an inch, and then the machine will just keep on cutting the part like nothing happened...except now everything in the y-direction is way off. Mach3 even thinks that the original tool path is being traced out and everything is normal.
Specs are as follows:
Minitech Mini Mill 2
Hobby CNC EZ control board
It's only been an issue with the y-axis, all other axes are behaving themselves. I'm thinking the issue has something to do with the control board...I understand the one I'm using is not exactly top of the line. Anyone had a similar problem in the past? Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated.
Here's a video showing pretty much everything I just said:]CNC Help Needed! - YouTube

Does it allows jump in the same location, assuming you restart the program from the beginnning, or does it jump randomly? If its random it could be electrical noise, when another piece of equipment turns on or off. If its consistent, Check your G-Code for an abnormal entry. Perhaps its being triggered on another axis or some port that is being turned on that you are not using, but some how is causing movement in the y-axis caused by a controller bug or something incorrectly wired.
I noticed in your video that when the glitch happens that the x-axis movement slows down, then the y-axis suddenly jolts. I wasn't sure if you had altered the speed to slow it down for the videor. If you didn't, perhaps that is related to the issue.
What is the Controller? Is this a USB Controller? Check to see if there are driver updates for it. Also monitor your PC CPU load Is it peaking when the glitch occurs? Also check for updates for Mach3. Also try slowing down or speeding up the program to see if the problem occurs.

Thanks for your reply. I believe the jumps in the y-axis are occurring randomly, although I can't say for sure. I'll have to study it more later.
I actually hadn't noticed that the x-axis slowed down during the y-axis jump until now, thanks for pointing that out. But no, during that time I didn't do anything to the video. It was playing at normal speed.
The controller is a HobbyCNC EZ. It connects with a parallel port, not USB.
Later I will try monitoring the CPU load and see if anything is going on when the glitch occurs, as well as check for updates and play with the program speed.
I'll let you know what results I get when I try this stuff out.

Another thought from a friend of mine was that Windows is actually doing something in the background that interrupts the information Mach3 is sending out, and that is causing my problem. Does that sound like something I need to look into?

I'm having the same issue with the HobbyCNC EZ too. Have you resolved your step loss issue? I'm getting step loss on both X and Y axis seemingly randomly. I've got my acceleration down to 1 and IPM down to 25 on 130 OZ/In motors. 2 different computers using LinuxCNC and Mach3. All three chips have heatsinks on them and a fan across them.

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