Need Help! Prototrak cam file example


Hey guys, I'm trying to write a post in edgecam to send cam files to the prototrak edge or mx2 control. I have everything working fine except I cant figure out how to make the cutter comp work properly.....I'm just not sure what the control is looking for. Does anyone have a sample program with cutter comp just so I can tell what it wants?? Any help would be appreciated.

Go to your 'trak, write a prog, save it (it will save a mx2 or mx3 by default). Then you can save it as a cam file. take out the floppy, put it in your PC and open the file in Notepad or Wordpad. Easy peasy. It's standard g-code, though, if I recall correctly. Been a while since I had to actually look in there.

I will try this when I get to work, but dont they work in a conversational gcode? I guess if I save it as a cam file, which I didnt know you could do.. I'll give it a try.....thanks for the help.

Hmmmm... thinking about it this morning, now I don't recall if you can or not.
I'll pull out an example for you when I get to the shop.

Yeah you cant save as cam file only mx2 or whatever it is.....its coversational gcode. I would appreciate it, been driving me nuts!

Here you go.
This was written in PowerMill as a CAM file, then opened on the Prototrak and saved into a MX2 file. They had to be renamed to upload, but you'll get the picture.


I have a post for an age3 which gives the option for mx3 or cam upon post processing. Send me a private message with your email if you want a copy.

Thanks for the help, wjr09 so you post a program with no cutter comp and save it as the mx2 and then the cutter comp will work on the control? I was trying to post code with G40 G41 & G42 and have the control convert it. Just making sure we're on the same page.

see thread (prototrak plus 2axis mill) bottom is Prototrak Plus Cad Cam manual. Basically mx2 code is 2 axis code same as the Plus. if anything the older Prototrak Plus is even more critical. For example if there is no semicolon at the end of each line the Prototrak Plus will not get past the first line.
the CadCam manual explains the Southwesternindustries / SWI 2 axis gcode for the mill.
.....there are slight changes with newer models being better able to take regular fanuc 6m gcode and convert it at the controller. An older Prototrak Plus has problems converting Z axis commands. usually it looses the Z command and creates a X0.0I Y0.0I command, that is move incrementally from last position Zero amount. This will give a error code. it does not take long to recognize this delete that line and change the conrad of previous line to CR- (Pause at that line and wait for a Go Button Push so Operator can change/check Z position)
...... you should see if there is a Cad Cam Interface manual for your particular Prototrak machine. This is normally a separate manual from the normal operators manual.

Thats very helpful, thank you all for the help. I think I can get it from this info!!

This was dropped in on me and I will make it perform,
I have never known this machine but I recognize it's square ways construction, way covers, and glass scales, perfect travel distances, etc. Which toolholder is the best? The Z-slide looks like a stretch out , but the throat depth is good, What mechanical wear of deferred maintenance should I look for before powering up? Will it take unlimited data streams or is it wise upgrade the Box? Their service parts?

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