Looking to buy preloaded ballnut, where?

Hi all,
I am looking to buy some preloaded ballnut. The one with two ballnuts connected with a adjustable mid coupling for adjusting the backlash. I saw this on one of the thread but I can't remember where to look. Can anyone help me figure out where I can get this type of ballnut?
I searched tru enco but couldn't find any. The only one I saw is in the Nook Ind website. Thanks

Wow, That is not cheap. I am going to have to go back to using two single ballnuts for preloading. Thanks.

These guys have some pretty good prices. http://gskcnc.com/ball_screw_select1.php

Thanks for the website. Very informative.

No Problem. I think I am going to get ball screws from them for my plasma table. Their prices on ground ball screws are pretty cheap. I hope they are as good as their site says they are. "Ground=12 to16micron-m/300mm"

let me know if you bought them, would like to know the quality etc.
are there people out here that bought a ground screw by them?

I probably won't be purchasing them for several months. I am too busy right now to work on my machine. I am am more than certain that I found that link on this site though, so I am sure someone on here has purchased through them. I too would like to know the quality. Another place for cheap ballscrews is www.roton.com which I have seen mentioned on here many many times.

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