Lathe projects for a beginner

I've posted here a few times before and I'm grateful for all the information I've recieved. Now that I've got my lathe leveled and set up I need some project ideas. I've made a drawbar pin from some plans at the local votech center, but spring classes are almost over and new classes won't start till August. I prefer to build things I can use, but any suggestions you have willl be appreciated. For material I don't really have a preference, although CR steel is pretty easy to get. I'm not sure about aluminum, and brass is not an option. Plastic is something to consider, but I don't know anything about the hardness to ask for and I've never messed with plastic.
Side note: My lathe is a 13 x 6 South Bend sold in 1945 to the War Battery Co. Kansas City, Missouri.(Per Lablonde) Would anyone have any info on this Company?What they manufactured, years of business operation, etc.?

Check out the threads on this board titled "what have you made with your lathe" and " what have you made for your lathe". There's a bunch of ideas from simple to complex.

I picked up the book "Machine Shop Projects" on ebay. It has 70 projects with drawings and step-by-step instructions. Haven't tried anything yet since my lathe is in pieces, but the book looks good. Simple to complex.
Here is a link.... no affiliation.



Need a tool post? This one works well and is easy to make.
Have fun, Mike

I like that. Thanks for the link.

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