How do I cut a ballscrew?

Not much luck with the search feature.
What tools/bits can I use to cut a ballscrew? This screw is about 1" diameter, and I'm guessing that a saw won't go through it. I'm wary of taking a torch to it. And it's way too large to fit in my 7x10 lathe. So what other methods exist? I already contacted a handful of local machine shops, none of which seem interested in doing this.

BTW, this is for the unsupported/free end, so it's doesn't have to be super perfect. Can I cut through it with an angle grinder?

There is a previous link to a members site from some time ago.
BTW, I had one I got a friend to machine for me, I did not trust my machining skills, such as they are.
He found the BS was hardened all the way through and he had to use ceramic tooling.

Hmmm... chopsaw you say, huh? Sounds like it would work well, and though I don't have one, I have been looking at these to cut down aluminum stock that I get in large sticks nowadays.

BTW, I've been searching and searching for someone or some service to machine these for me, but no luck. All my friends prefer to play with computers it seems But these ballscrews I have are already turned down on one end, so that alleviates the major ordeals -- as long as I cut the other end appropriately, I just need to find the correct bearings, etc for the other side.

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