Help with linear Z motion

I'm currently building a 8020 frame that need to move an 100 lbs payload vertically about 1.0m
The load normally sits about 0.5 m above the ground. Once in a while it needs to be moved to 1.5m above ground.
I bought couple linear guides from a surplus shop to limit the Z-motion but that's as far as I got.
I know I need something like linear actuator ... but I want to spend < $200 this feature.
Could the forums gurus recommend something inexpensive to move this load 1.0m
Accuracy, backlash, etc. is NOT an important part of this design.
Thank you.

I don't know how this might translate to your usage, but it may be worth considering. My laser engraver has 4 acme screws, two on each of the short sides of the rectangular table. They are driven by a belt that goes around all four corners with a stepper on one side. They have thrust bearings at each end and the AB nut is fastened to the sides of the table. The weight limit on this table is about 75lbs, but I bet it wouldn't take much to beef it up. It's not exactly fast, but it's not terribly slow either.
Just a thought...

A block and tackle hanging from the ceiling would be really cheap ;-). If the item is in a fixed location and once in a while isn't too often it might be all you need.

The load is on an 8020 cart (enclosure) that is wheeled around from location to location.
Block and tackle will not work in this route. Pulley & rope might but's it's a dangerous 1 man operation.
I don't need the speed. couple minutes to move 1 meter is fine.
I currently have a set of linear guides similar to these.

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