Ball screw overhaul

Does anyone know where I can get a ball screw & nut overhauled? It is from a CNC knee mill.

check out Robert Palesh @ (440) 813-0920, Ebay name "rpalesh" :
* Reballing; If you are experiencing poor surface finishes, positioning accuracy or axis vibration do to the machines mechanics and have ruled out gibs and thrust bearings. Check the backlash between the ballnut & screw. If the backlash is anywhere from .0005 to .004, a 90% chance, with immediate attention, your ballnut/screw can be reballed. At a fraction of the cost of a new one, it's well worth entertaining. Generally we can rebuild a unit within a two day period, depending upon stock components.
* Remanufacture; If the screw and/or ballnut show signs of scoring, pitting or spalling. The screw will need to be either reground or replaced. We have in many cases polished & reballed the unit after blue printing (a temporary repair) thus keeping the machine operational. While a replacement screw is either being researched for purchase or being remanufactured. This will keep valuable down time to a minimum.
* Acme screw to ballscrew retrofit; Depending on the space restraints between the machine components and the ballscrews are designed with all the original specifications or higher as the Acme. Replacing the ever wearing Acme screw and bronze nut, substantially increases the machines accuracy and value."

Great place, Family operated.
Dansville, MI
Tell them refered by
Dan Burnham
RC Product Designs.

I see you are in San Jose. The guys at "Mechanical Maintenance" are in S. Cal. somewhere. Try a google search for ..Mechanical Maintenance B.S.R. They helped me fix my ball screw after I lost my brains and took mine apart. Ed at M. M. walked me thru it over the phone and I got it back together and up and running. All this at no charge. I wish I had a phone # for them. Maybe someone here can help with a #. Jack.

My name is Tony Mitchell and I can repair your ball screw. I will need the following information:
Length & diameter of your screw.
Single or double nut.
Internal return or external tubes.
Problem you are experiencing (loss of accuracy, noise at high speed, etc.).

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