Record Year So Far For Robots In Manufacturing

A3 says the rise in automated manufacturing “promises increased efficiencies in production and the ability to compete globally.”

In total, 14,583 robots, at a value of $817 million, were ordered by North American companies during the first half of 2016, according to A3, which is a record and a 2 percent growth over the totals from the same period last year (when those figures had also been a record high at the time).

Manufacturing revolution is fueled by Silicon Valley innovation

"This is not your father's manufacturing," said Sean Randolph, director of the Bay Area Council's Economic Institute, which released a new report on manufacturing trends at San Jose's Jabil Blue Sky Center, which showcases cutting-edge technologies. "Manufacturing today is leaner, cleaner, it employs fewer people with higher skills."

Don't Step In Trump's Trade And Manufacturing Indiscretions

U.S. manufacturing attracts more foreign direct investment than any other country’s manufacturing sector. After 12 straight years of net growth, the stock of FDI in U.S. manufacturing surpassed $1 trillion in 2014. By comparison, the stock of FDI in China’s manufacturing sector – the world’s second largest manufacturing investment destination, which is now famously rife with overcapacity – is less than half the value of the U.S. stock. And Mexico’s is less than half of China’s. So, if low wages and lax environmental standards were really an investment magnet or an impetus to “ship jobs overseas” – if there really were this “race to the bottom” – we wouldn’t see foreign companies choosing to own $1 trillion worth (and growing) of U.S. manufacturing assets.

USF looks to train a workforce for a new age of manufacturing

TAMPA — Today’s manufacturing, with all of its science and high-tech gadgetry, melds nicely with universities that pump out physicists, chemists and material scientists.

Call them the new-age manufacturing workforce prepared to create the machines and other technology that will keep the industry growing.

U.S. Factory Construction Hits Highest Level Since 1958

Investment in new U.S. factory plant and equipment just hit the highest level since 1958. After 100 years of economic dominance due to cheap and abundant oil, U.S. politicians turned against domestic oil production in the 1970s and the Middle East oil production took off. For the next 40 years, the budget deficit and income inequality soared as high-paying manufacturing jobs went offshore. But with fracking re-establishing America as the planet’s largest energy producer, U.S. manufacturing is back.