Why Manufacturing is Critical to California’s Economy

For every one job created in manufacturing, at least two to three jobs are created to support the sector. Further, manufacturing firms create regional wealth by producing a product that is exported to other states and countries. This attracts additional funds to the region — creating business, individual and community wealth. Because of this ripple effect, manufacturing firms have a deeper impact on the state of the economy than most other industries.

Marketing Analyst Job Description in Marketing and Sales

Education: BA/BS

Experience: 1 to 3 years

The marketing analyst supports sales and marketing departments by providing management with sound analysis of internally generated data and by developing external market models. Some duties include generating reports for marketing and sales groups, providing custom analysis as directed by managers, providing market and competitive data to sales and marketing teams, and developing market models based on competitor pricing and product offerings.

Procurement Specialist Job Description in Supply Chain

Education: BA, BS

Experience: 0 to 5 years

The procurement specialist conducts and manages the processes for obtaining services and supplies for the company. He manages all supplier-related activities and evaluates supplier performance and ensures satisfactory contract completion and closure. He develops supplier requirements and requests for proposals. He then evaluates supplier responses and negotiates contracts with potential suppliers.

Supply Chain Analyst Job Description

Education: BS/BA

Experience: 0 to 3 years

The supply chain analyst works to ensure that the processes involved in the supply chain are optimized through performance analysis, development of better processes, development of metrics and programs by which to measure the success of the supply chain, support teams in production process development, and reporting on the supply chain to managers. Supply chain analysts often work to implement lean manufacturing or some other specific manufacturing doctrine.